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About Us

About Us is a dedicated enthusiastic company in the pain relief and pre work out industry, we strive giving people the best designed Tens Unit .

Our company works directly  with the manufacturer such as hidow or iq massagers  and many more , Our goal is to provide the very best products with the latest technology for the need of the patient.

Our T.E.N.S is a cost effective pain treatment that can be used on a continuous or intermittent basis along with or without pain medication. When comparing the cost of pain killer medication over a period of time TENS treatment has a very small cost in comparison. It is especially effective for treating low back, shoulder, and neck pain. Some of our units come with a timer that allows the user to set it for 30 minutes, 60 minutes, or for continuous use. Many of our customers set it before going to sleep to ensure a more restful night. We take personal pride in knowing that we help many people by helping them rid themselves of chronic or acute pain. Many times in the process helping them stop taking harmful addictive narcotic pain killer medications.

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